Advantages and Disadvantages of WTO


- The WTO is a forum which discusses the differences on trade between members.
- Is Transparency and predictability.- Establish a system of trade rules between countries.
- The WTO makes more efficient the specialization of a country with a product, getting better advantages.
- Help to balance the trade between countries.
- Encourages the stability of the negotiations and helps the development of a country.
- Try to balance opportunities for all countries.
- Don’t allow that developed countries trample on less develop countries.

- The WTO is fundamentally Undemocratic.
- Industrialized countries benefit more than poor countries.
- Try to monopolize all basic services.
- Developed countries have an advantage over developing countries.
- Don't allow the participation of developing countries.

Although there are several advantages of the WTO and although one of the principles is that no discrimination, it is disturbing to see that if there are fold over the favoritism to developed countries than developing.